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If you make the product, who owns it?

Very few brands in the world make their own products. It is common for factories to specialize and for brands to put their name on the factory's formula. At Kosmetikk Laboratoriet, we are both a manufacturer and take on pure "filling" services, where we make and fill bottles with the brands' own formulas. So whether you want to make your own product with us, use our formulas or already have your own, we can make the product for you. 

What is the right MOQ?

Our most successful and experienced customers don't discuss price, they discuss quantity. They know that if you buy in higher quantities, the price per product will go down, because we get better conditions and prices from the raw material suppliers. In addition, a lower quantity will mean that each individual product will be too expensive to sell if you have to distribute in several stages. Higher quantities simply provide better profitability in the calculation and far more opportunities when reselling the product.


Our less experienced customers focus on the overall cost of the investment, forgetting that it's the day-to-day sales that determine how much flexibility you have with the products afterwards.


It is clear that if you buy a small quantity, the price per product will be higher, and you cannot give as good a discount during campaign periods. If you are going to sell on to another store or perhaps to a distributor who will in turn sell to a store, it is absolutely necessary to work in larger quantities to reduce the price per product.



0-joint distribution / own store -> white label or our brand Cirkl. 

1-tier distribution, 2000 units

2-tier distribution, 5,000 - 10,000 units

3-tier distribution, 10,000 - 50,000 units



For our customers who sell in our online store, a quantity of 2,000 products would be a reasonable quantity. You will then have a far better calculation than in regular store operations, while at the same time having your own brand. The perfect quantity for hair salons, spas and clinics that want an expanding brand with their own unique products.


Tip: If you think 2000 units is too much, you can use our white label solution from 500 units. These are products that several brands buy, but you have the option of branding these under your own brand. Custom Formula starts from 2000 units. For volumes below 500 units, we have our own Cirkl brand, so you can start selling Cirkl in smaller volumes, and when you're ready to expand, you can rebrand the products as your own.



If you are going to sell your products to another store, it is important that you leave room for that store to also make a profit on the product. This is achieved when you produce between 5-10,000 units.



This quantity is perfect if you're selling your brand to a distributor who will in turn sell the product to a retailer who will then sell the product to the customer. This is the most common quantity for products you see in stores today.

Why are you a better climate choice than others?

No products are more local than those made locally with local ingredients. By producing locally, you will also be able to write "made in Norway" on your packaging.


Our focus on progressive change towards sustainable packaging materials and ingredients, as well as taking active responsibility for reducing our environmental impact. Our business model combines top quality with a strong sustainable vision "A safer future, Now!".

Are your products natural?

The simple answer is yes.


We don't buy the marketing propaganda that some "All Natural" brands push about "Free of chemicals" "Free of slag " "Free of preservatives" etc. We know that everything around us is molecules and chemistry. The whole world is made up of chemistry. What matters is the footprint of that ingredient, not where it comes from. 


Natural always means that an area of land has been used and wildlife has been lost to plant one form of biology. The bottom line is that all consumption has consequences. Our job is to find products with the least possible impact on production.

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